Acid Stained Concrete – Not a DIY Project for the untrained Professional

Why some home improvements should be left for a professional.

Concrete acid staining is the new trend to improve their basements for homeowners with concrete floors. Many homeowners are trying to take on the project themselves as a DIY project. However, this can be one of the most harmful and damaging projects to their health. While the end result is a decorative piece that is an asset and focal point to your home, undertaking the project can have long-term hazards if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Stained Acid Concrete – DIY vs Professional Benefits

There are two ways to acid stain concrete: do it yourself or have it done by a professional. Even if the homeowner has done acid staining treatment in their home already, there is a special preparation machine that will strip off a small layer of concrete so that the staining process can begin properly.

The machine is only owned by companies that specialize in this. There are only 75 of them in the country and they are unique due to their diamond cutting blades. Produced in Canada, they have the power and technology to strip the smallest layer of concrete off the floor. This process helps prepare the surface before acid staining to eliminate residue so the minimize mess.

Performing DIY concrete acid staining requires tools, precision, and patience. The best way to understand how to acid stain concrete is to simply research it and grasp how it works and what the acid does. It’s important to know what may damage the concrete, resulting in having it redone by a professional, which will inevitably cost more money.

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The most harmful part for homeowners that are doing this themselves is the unknown acidity and reactions of the products. The acid can be detrimental if it touched anything that it can damage. From here, homeowners must fathom the process of acid staining their own floor and have already planned what to do if something goes wrong. 

Hiring a professional to acid stain concrete floors is the way to go, especially because they (usually) know what they are doing! Unless homeowners know what they’re doing with acid staining concrete and understand the process, it is more worth their money to let a professional who has done it for many years, like Concrete Restoration Systems, do it.

With professionally done concrete staining, the floors will be resistant to damage and only require easy maintenance. Due to their polished feel and look, it just takes a broom, vacuum or other cleaning supplies to clean up a spill. It has been said that a concrete floor that has been beautifully transformed through acid staining will last up to a century, whereas carpet must be cleaned every other year and replaced once or twice in a decade. One of the best benefits of concrete acid staining is the versatile look, specifically an industrial look. Concrete can be given certain stains that will make it look dry instead of a wet look, which some people may not like. With a dry appearance, it may look more welcoming and homey.

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Homeowners, if acid staining your concrete floors has been a dream of a lifetime, give Concrete Restoration Systems a call today and they will give you the best buck for your budget. With nearly 40 years in the industry and unbeatable high-quality machinery, they will have it done it no time with a beautiful look to last for years.


Serving Colorado for nearly 40 years, Concrete Restoration Systems has the experience and tools to make your dream home into a dream come true. Unlike other companies, they understand that taking the time to treat the concrete floor properly with acid yields perfect results. They appreciate the process and what makes acid staining such a beautiful piece of work.

If you would like us to help you with your project, please click here to schedule a free consultation for creative concrete solutions. If you can Imagine it, we can Create it!

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Concrete Acid Stain Companies – The best option for a great look (and for your health)

How Stained Concrete Creates a Lasting Impression


Concrete acid staining has become popular and a trend of today’s house alternative flooring market. Many homeowners have concrete stained their floors, making it into their dream home. The question is whether it’s more cost-efficient to do the project yourself or to hire a professional. It all depends on how much experience you have to do it yourself and the cost of the supplies. Professionals that specialize in acid concrete staining have all the tools and experience to get the job done right, but it may be more cost-efficient without a professional if the homeowner knows what they are doing.

There is a lot of work and tools that go into staining concrete, not to mention that once it is done, it is done. There is no going back except paying more to have it ground down. Any homeowner should really think about the cost to them of staining concrete themselves and the extra cost if they mess up. In addition, some acid staining tools such as rollers, squeegees, and acid sprays not only require professional experience to do right but can also be harmful to the homeowner’s home if done incorrectly. If the homeowner has the budget for all of the chemicals and tools, they should also plan a budget of the cost to fix anything that they don’t have the knowledge to fix.


To perform a rustic acid-washed stain on concrete flooring, the estimated cost is around $0.30 per square foot for DIY homeowners. This is inexpensive, but what is more worth it – taking the chance of doing it yourself and potentially paying up to a thousand dollars for a professional to fix it, or letting a professional handle it from the beginning?

Because there are so many chemicals involved in concrete acid staining, it is so vital to make sure the acidic liquid does not come in contact with anything it should not be touching (i.e. furniture, walls, floors than being damaged from the acid). This could simply cost any homeowner thousands of dollars in damage that they could have spent on a professional to do it correctly. When in doubt, it is always best to seek a professional, like Concrete Restoration Systems, who has years of experience in the industry and knows exactly what they are doing to do the best job. One of the most harmful effects to a home from acid staining is all of the chemicals being exposed in the home. This can be dangerous to the health of anyone just by breathing it in and especially for pets due to the aftereffect of chemicals roaming around the home.

Figuring out the best way to stain concrete both efficiently and financially will require a lot of research and professional help, but it’s doable and affordable in the end if done right. It’s important to know what you want and the cost of it. Widely known in Denver, Concrete Restoration Systems has served hundreds of people around the Denver Metro area and has a history of perfection and low prices with outstanding reviews. With nearly 40 years of experience, owner Dan Yalacki will make sure all needs are taken care of.

If you would like us to help you with your project, please click here to schedule a free consultation for creative concrete solutions. If you can Imagine it, we can Create it!

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The best flooring alternatives for basements: Trending basement flooring systems

Today’s consumers break from the traditional flooring systems of the past!

Consumer’s today are not looking at hardwood floors and carpet as the only choices for floor finishing. In fact, they are looking for more unique alternatives that provide low maintenance, reasonable installation cost, longevity, substantial appearance and most important personal uniqueness for their particular project!

All but gone are the days of cleaning carpets and restoring wood floors or worse replacement due to flood damage. Consumer’s today want floors that are easy to care for and provides years of beauty and service without the usual maintenance. They are also looking for floors that are as unique as they are.

Grind, Stained and Sealed Floors:

Stained floors, say in you basement, are all the rage. Each floor comes out differently as the stain reacts differently with every floor. This is because the stain reacts directly with the character of that concrete, how it was finished, the flaws, the natural discoloration within the concrete and other proprietary characteristics to produce a finish that is specifically unique to that concrete surface.

Couple this with the vast color selection and you now have a conversation piece. This is not your typical looking floor. These floors are gorgeous and extremely low maintenance. And they feel so substantial under your feet. If you are looking for best flooring system we recommend a grind, stain and seal floor that will be the envy of all your friends. But you are welcome to tell them about us okay?

We get pretty creative around here and the sky is truly the limit! Imagine the possibilities and give us a call for a free consultation.

Concrete Restoration Systems and its parent company have been serving the Denver Area since 1978 and we have an A+ rating with the BBB. We provide free consultation in your home by calling us at 303-435-3334. Let one of our experts help obtain the most beautiful floors for your unique project.

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Acid Stained Floors are Colorado’s New Craze

Building Home Equity and Value with Sustainable Decorative Concrete Floors


Acid stained flooring treatments are becoming an increasingly popular staple in Colorado with all many long-term benefits for homeowners. These beautiful floors have quickly caught attention with consumers due to their low maintenance and striking appearance. With the changing seasons and temperatures in the Rocky Mountain region, homeowners are more susceptible to additional water damage, flooding, cracking and other costly issues. Where traditional carpeting used to be the norm for homeowners, they are recognizing the cost and hassle of replacing carpet instead of exposing and exaggerating the beauty of their floors is not only more practical but more advantageous.

The process of turning a typical basement floor plan into a personalized and conversational piece for homeowners is very appealing. Similar to the popular trend of resurfacing driveways in the Spring, homeowners and those fixing and flipping are taking advantage of amplifying what assets their home currently has and turning them into a work of art. Besides increasing the curbside appeal and value of their homes by acid staining and protecting their basements or driveways, the savings are significant.

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Local resident, Mary Edwards was delighted and surprised that resurfacing their driveway and walkway costs a fraction of what it would to replace it. She stated enthusiastically, “These guys did an excellent job, they are very professional. They got to the base of the cement and just made it look beautiful. We’ve had nothing but compliments. We are so excited to share this with everyone.”

The process itself is as unique as each project. Since the acid reacts directly with the available minerals and rusts in the surface of the concrete the finishing flaws and imperfections create an unimaginable result that is striking. Personalization is ensured as the stain reacts with each surface differently. While many have tried DIY projects like this is can be very dangerous and is best to leave it up to a professional that can get exactly what you want and make it last.

“Beautiful Concrete Stained floors are becoming the showpiece in today’s modern homes – the patterns of the concrete as it reacts to the stain are different for each customer – making their floor truly one of a kind,” stated owner, Dan Yalacki of Concrete Restoration Systems. “These floors give a home a showpiece look, and carpet is starting to be viewed as a liability when it comes to resale value.”

Concrete Restoration Systems has worked with client’s homes, both interior and exterior for decades in the Colorado area. Basements, exterior patios, driveways and even commercial floors all can professionally be stained to accentuate the natural beauty of a home or office with a new look. The company has developed its own products to ensure the quality and performance of the treatments, such as the Duracrete 2000 micro-topping system with metal reinforcing. The architectural design backgrounds of the professionals at Concrete Restoration Systems are changing the face and surfaces of Colorado’s homes and leading a new makeover for homeowners inside and out.


Concrete Restoration Systems is Denver’s premier decorative contractor, providing Colorado homeowners with the ultimate in custom designs and installation for all of their decorative concrete needs. Proudly serving Colorado and the greater Denver Metro Region for nearly 40 years under the same ownership, CRS provides its clientele with the ultimate in quality resort-style living in their own property. With a full-time architectural, CRS ensures its clients get the most out of their decorative concrete investment from resurfacing to personalized acid stained floors.


Dan Yalackiinfo@concreterestorationsystems.com 303-435-3335


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