Quartz Driveways and Driveway Re-surfacing Solutions
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Plum Creek Pool Deck Resurfacing
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Commercial Concrete Restoration
We also offer commercial concrete restoration for showrooms, manufacturing facilities, special agricultural grow floors and all types of commercial renovation Read more
Custom Commercial Pool and Restoration
Pool and Spa Re-Surfacing and Renovation – Eagle
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Custom Commercial Pool and Restoration
Pool Coping and Spa Renovation
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The Most Beautiful Patio Ideas for Your Backyard
Kathy and Art in the Timbers Subdivision in Parker, Colorado, wanted a unique patio that was very colorful. Art and Read more
Swimming Pool Deck Renovation
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Concrete Dye and Staining With Surfkoat Products
How to Create an Entryway that Pops! Concrete dye and staining is an art all on its own. On this Read more
Swimming Pool after
Swimming Pool and Spa Restoration and Paver Installation
What you need to Know from the Best Pool Resurfacing Contractors in Colorado Brick pavers are very popular these days. Read more
Cracking and Settling Walkways and Entryways - Finished
What To Do With Cracking and Settling Walkways and Entryways
How to Save your Driveway or Walkway without Replacing it   Here at Concrete Restorations, no two projects are the Read more
new resurfaced driveway quartz system
Spalling and Deteriorated Concrete Driveway Resurfacing With Quartz System
How to save your worn driveway without replacing it   In Colorado, a spalling driveway is all too common. In Read more
quartz pool deck - after
Long Lasting Quartz Pool Deck Resurfacing
The benefits of a sustainable pool deck material   Quartz is all the rage these days! Quartz is the fourth Read more
Micro-Topping - Finished 2
Micro-topping Resurfacing Systems
The benefits of installing a Micro-topping System to a driveway   In recent articles published by Concrete Restoration Systems, we Read more
home backyard decorative Patio 1 - After 3
Strip, Stain and Seal Concrete Restoration
Weatherproofing your Driveway to Make it Last Longer   The whole appearance of concrete can be enhanced with staining. Staining Read more
Decorative backyard concrete Patio - After 2
Decorative Concrete Staining and Sealing
Making an Attractive Patio out of your existing Concrete   Nothing adds value like staining and sealing your stamped concrete. Read more
Quartz Decorative Driveway- After full
Quartz Resurfacing Systems
The best solution to wearing and old driveways   Deteriorating driveways are a common problem here in Colorado. Particularly spalling Read more
Decorative concrete patio with custom lines carved
Cracked Concrete Renovation Ideas
One of the most common questions we are asked is if cracked concrete can be repaired. The industry’s answer is Read more
backyard decorative concrete patio finished
The Art of Concrete Restoration
How Decorative Concrete Can Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Home The Art of Concrete Restoration often begins with considering Read more
refinishing concrete driveway process
Replacing vs Repairing Driveways with Decorative Concrete
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Acid Stained Concrete – Not a DIY Project for the untrained Professional
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acid stained decorative concrete basement floor
Concrete Acid Stain Companies – The best option for a great look (and for your health)
How Stained Concrete Creates a Lasting Impression   Concrete acid staining has become popular and a trend of today’s house Read more
When is it too late to repair my driveway?
Identifying when your driveway is past repair versus resurfacing.   Colorado’s winter brings frigid cold temperatures, which can be detrimental Read more
commercial interior floor
What are my alternatives for my basement floor?
How an Acid Stained Floor is a Great Basement Alternative to A Finished Basement   Traditionally, installing carpet or hardwood Read more
The Best Ways to Resurface Concrete
Ways to Repair, Resurface and Save on Your Driveway   When it comes to resurfacing a concrete driveway in Colorado, it Read more
decorative interior floor
How to Perform Different Acid Staining Treatments to Concrete
Beautiful Treatments to Apply to your Existing Driveway   Concrete acid staining is the new craze for homeowners with concrete Read more
Cost of Repairing Concrete Flooring
What is more cost effective in replacing your Concrete Floors?   Repairing homes can be quite costly, depending on what Read more
Concrete Spalling in your Driveway
As shown in the photograph above, concrete spalling is the flaking off of the concrete surface. It looks like little Read more
Resurfacing Concrete – Best Alternatives
Why Concrete is Better Resurfaced vs Replaced   It has been said in Colorado that concrete driveways are built to Read more
concrete stain-before
The Power of Acid Staining Concrete Floor
The Beauty of a Concrete Acid Stained Floor It has been said in Colorado that concrete driveways are built to Read more
decorative basement concrete floor
The best flooring alternatives for basements: Trending basement flooring systems
Today’s consumers break from the traditional flooring systems of the past! Consumer’s today are not looking at hardwood floors and Read more
stained concrete floors
Acid Stained Floors are Colorado’s New Craze
Building Home Equity and Value with Sustainable Decorative Concrete Floors   Acid stained flooring treatments are becoming an increasingly popular Read more
Acid Stained Basement Floors – Basement Floor Alternatives
The Best Basement Floor Alternative that Lasts and Increases Home’s Values   Stained basement floors are all the rage in Read more
decorative interior floor
Stained Basement Floors
Creating Amazing Decorative Concrete Floors that Last   Stained basement floors are all the rage in recent years to Coloradans! Read more
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Decorative Concrete Driveways Leaves a Lasting impression for Homeowners!
How to Increase Curbside Home Appeal with an Amazing Driveway   Concrete Restoration Systems, by Malibu Pools is leading a Read more
What are my options for my deteriorated and spalling driveway?
How to Save a Driveway without having to Replace it   It is best to understand what causes this deterioration Read more
decorative interior floor
A Decorative Concrete Floor- Long Lasting, Beautiful Floors
Interior and Commerical Floors that are Stunning   Naturally, the perfect home features beautiful floors. At Concrete Restoration Systems, we Read more
How to Prepare Your Driveway for the Winter
Protect your Concrete Driveway from Colorado’s Harsh Winters   Colorado is known for its unpredictable weather, but it’s guaranteed that Read more
concrete restoration
How to Save Money Restoring a Concrete Driveway
Picture your perfect concrete driveway. It’s sleek and smooth, not a crack in sight. You look at it with pride Read more