quartz pool deck - after

Quartz Pool Deck Resurfacing


Quartz is all the rage these days! Quartz is the fourth hardest mineral known to man below diamonds. This durable material is being used on countertops, driveways, entryways, walkways and pool decks! It is available in unlimited colors and has enormous re-surfacing application possibilities.

To illustrate the versatility of the application, I have provided a seriously deteriorated and cracked pool deck above that normally would need to be torn out and replaced. The pool deck has huge cracks where the coping or the perimeter band around the pool, has separated from the pool deck as illustrated in the first photo. Here, we will take the negatives of this project (the cracks)to make them functional positives as I will explain. We will use the cracks and incorporate them into our application.

To accomplish this, we shall fill the existing cracks with an epoxy/sand mix and fill the cracks up. We would then grind down the concrete and epoxy/sand patch to make it smooth with a diamond walk behind concrete preparation machine. We would then use a crack chaser which is a ā€œvā€ shaped diamond wheel attached to a right angle grinder to create a new joint around the pool and cut them into large perimeter stones.

In this application, we chose to then carve up the entire pool deck into a flagstone pattern using the diamond crack chaser to create the pattern. Which turns the negatives into a positive as any future movement or cracking that would occur inside the new joints now created, which cannot be seen.

Then we applied the Quartz System over the entire deck in a color selected by the client. Once the Quartz application is installed, we went back in and opened up all of the joints again with the crack chaser to provide a chrisp new grout joints around each of the flagstones we have created.

Using art and technology allows us to provide uniqueness to every projects we install. If you would like to see what we can create for you, please use our free consulting services at Concrete Restoration Systems LLC. If you can imagine it, we can build it!


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