The Most Beautiful Patio Ideas for Your Backyard

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Kathy and Art in the Timbers Subdivision in Parker, Colorado, wanted a unique patio that was very colorful. Art and Kathy showed us some photographs they found on the internet of multi-colored patios in grays. But said they wanted something even more colorful than what they were able to find.

In discussing the project, we decided that a large random flagstone pattern would be ideal to suit the rustic nature of the Pinery Area. We also discussed perimeter and cross-section bands that could compliment a future Trex Sun Deck that, we were planning on installing for them. This Trex Deck will also be featured below.

We started this patio renovation by laying out the large flagstone pattern and cutting the patio up into large stones and providing stone finished bands and borders throughout the patio. We then masked off the stone with a fiberglass stenciling tape and applied Micro-topping, which is a polymer, sand and cement that we tinted in various colors. To give the project a real stone look, we textured the stones to look like flaking flagstone. We then used an antiquing stain to create graining and veining throughout the stone finish in different directions to achieve a real stone look.

To additionally create an individual stone look, we grouted the stones so that each stone would look like it was placed separately from all the others. The results were awesome and Art and Kathy couldn’t be happier about their new patio. See our reviews section to see their comments.


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We also installed a Trex Deck for Art and Linda. Selecting complimenting colors and design to go with their new patio. Art and Kathy will have summers of fun with friends and family on their new patios! They have asked us to now design them an outdoor kitchen for their new patios that we are very much looking forward to and will share with you when it is done!


Concrete Restoration Systems by Malibu Pools LLC

Article and Architectural Designer

Daniel Yalacki CEO/President

Call for your free consultation at 303-435-3334!


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Cracking and Settling Walkways and Entryways - Finished

What To Do With Cracking and Settling Walkways and Entryways

How to Save your Driveway or Walkway without Replacing it


Here at Concrete Restorations, no two projects are the same. Each project presents its own unique issues and characteristics, and we even like to build on its negative characteristics. What I mean by that is, you are going to have to often deal with negatives such as cracks and settling along with other potential structural issues.

Looking at this walkway and entryway, we have several issues going on here. First, we have spalling, which is where the surface or the finish of the concrete is flaking off in small but, substantial chips. This spalling is about the size of a dime and appears to be like a concrete rash.

This is somewhat uncommon for walkways because two things cause spalling; overworking the concrete in large pours (which walkways typically are not), or freezing which has most likely occurred. When concrete is being finished, the water in the concrete comes to the surface, allowing the finisher to trowel the concrete to finish.

This moisture rises to the surface and is sitting on top of the concrete. If cold enough, it can freeze causing the concrete to be compromised structurally and eventually pop off in a phenomenon called spalling. The second issues here is cracking. The first photograph looking down the steps displays settling cracks on the second, third, and fourth steps as shown in the first photograph above.

There was also settling where the steps pulled away and the tread and riser come together. It had to be re-bared and re-poured, as shown in the third photograph above between the porch and the walkway. Our goal was to avoid what would typically be total replacement. If you’re going to call your company Concrete Restoration System, you better have solutions.

So the unique issues of this particular project are spalling, cracks and settling. So how do we deal with all the issues presented? To deal with the separation of the step, we demo sawed out a four-inch space where the step riser separated from the tread. We then drilled and set rebar dowels to prevent future settling and poured new concrete. Then, we filled the spalling surface with epoxy as shown in the first photograph.

We then took a right angle grinder and a crack chasing diamond wheel with a “V” shaped blade to open up the cracks and filled them with epoxy and silica sand. Then, we re-opened those existing epoxied cracks again with the right angle grinder and crack chaser and began to carve a flagstone pattern into the entire step creating a unique flagstone look.

We also placed what are now joints into the risers of the step to create a look of placed capstone as shown on the risers in the photograph above of the finished product.

To give these now created stones a natural stone-like appearance, we installed our quartz and epoxy system to obtain a grainy stone finish in a color selected by our client. The same process was used for the entryway or porch to achieve a one of a kind project that the client is absolutely thrilled with as illustrated above in our before and after photographs.

When we say no two projects are alike, we mean just that! After 40 years in business here in the Denver area, we have proven ourselves to be uniquely creative taking each project and making it special for each and every client. It’s simply important!

If you want to find out more about our unique company or just want to talk with an expert about your special project, we encourage you to call the owner Daniel Yalacki at 303-435-3334 for a free consultation. We will make it fun and uniquely yours. Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to serving you on your unique project!


This article was written by:

Daniel Yalacki Architect/Consultant/President

Concrete Restoration Systems LLC

If you would like us to help you with your project, please click here to schedule a free consultation for creative concrete solutions. If you can Imagine it, we can Create it!


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new resurfaced driveway quartz system

Spalling and Deteriorated Concrete Driveway Resurfacing With Quartz System

How to save your worn driveway without replacing it


In Colorado, a spalling driveway is all too common. In fact, one out of every three driveways in Colorado has spalling or deteriorated concrete. Spalling is the flaking off of the concrete surface as shown in the photographs above. But a replacement is not always necessary.

Here at Concrete Restorations, we have developed several resurfacing systems to repair this type of damage without tear-out or replacement. We offer beautiful decorative applications that are stronger and more durable than your existing concrete driveway. Here we shall discuss our exclusive quartz driveway system that is perfect for repairing and resurfacing your driveway along with walkways, entryway, and even patios.

This particular driveway was a real challenge due to the extent of spalling or deterioration damaged that had occurred over time. Luckily, we enjoy a challenge. On this project, the control joints, which are the tooled joints that divide the concrete into sections, were in pretty bad shape. Control joints are there in hopes that if the concrete cracks, it will be just in that joint and not across the concrete slab.

To restore this driveway, we must remove any concrete that is loose or deteriorated by whip gears and high-pressure water blasting. This process of blasting is illustrated in our video tab showing the flaking concrete flying off the concrete surface. Then we apply a self-leveling mortar over all of the spalling areas. Once repaired, we use a walk-behind diamond concrete grinder to remove all excess mortar from the driveway to make it smooth.

We then fill the control joints with a high strength repair mortar. Then take a right angle grinder with a diamond crack chaser wheel in a “V” shaped blade and a long piece of siding as a guide, to put crisp new control joints throughout the slab. Now we have an excellent pallet to work on for our Quartz System.

Quartz is the fourth hardest mineral known to man below diamonds and is an excellent high traffic material. We combine the strength of quartz with high solid epoxies to create the most comprehensive driveway resurfacing system available in the marketplace today. We have a wide selection of about 3200 colors and a system that is sure to meet the most stringent requirements.

Combining beauty and durability is assured in this high-end application. If you would like to learn more and find out about the multiple alternative systems that are available then feel free to contact Dan Yalacki at Concrete Restoration Systems at 303-435-3334. We provide a free consultation and would love to show you what all is available to you!


Article Posted by:

Daniel Yalacki President/Consultant

Concrete Restoration Systems

If you would like us to help you with your project, please click here to schedule a free consultation for creative concrete solutions. If you can Imagine it, we can Create it!


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Micro-Topping - Finished 2

Micro-topping Resurfacing Systems

The benefits of installing a Micro-topping System to a driveway


In recent articles published by Concrete Restoration Systems, we have provided alternatives to replacing deteriorated, spalling and discolored concrete. In this article, we shall be exploring the benefits of installing a Micro-topping System to this driveway.

In the “before” photo above, we have a driveway that is extremely deteriorated and discolored. The control joints were ragged and cracked through and the surface was pitted and soft.

This homeowner was concerned that he would lose money and potentially a sale upon listing his house on the market. Let’s face it, the driveway is the first thing a home buyer will see upon arriving at this home, and having a good first impression was important to him.

He also said that he wasn’t selling the home just yet and felt that his driveway was the first thing everyone else saw when visiting his home. He thought it would be better to have his driveway repaired now where he could enjoy it and not have the condition of the driveway be a drawback upon selling.

The cost was a factor here as well. He decided that installing Micro-topping was the best approach for its durability, color selection, and its textured slip-free surface. He also felt that the metal-reinforced micro-topping (Duracrete 2000) would be a selling point for his home later on.

This driveway was ground down with a walk-behind diamond concrete prep machine that removed all the loose and deteriorated concrete from the driveway. The control joints were filled with repair mortar and then groomed back out with a four-inch grinder and a V-shaped diamond crack chaser wheel to provide crisp new control joints. It was then resurfaced with the Duracrete 2000 metal reinforced micro-topping in a textured finish.

This is a beautiful, durable spectacular looking finish that Mr. P can enjoy for as long as he lives in this home and will greatly benefit from upon the sale of his home down the road. The color chart above provides a large range of color to choose from and the samples in the background provide a look at the Duracrete 2000 Micro-topping System in a textured finish. There are many finishes also available to choose from to get that perfect and unique look for your project.


This article was written by Daniel Yalacki

 Concrete Restoration Systems LLC

If you would like us to help you with your project, please click here to schedule a free consultation for creative concrete solutions. If you can Imagine it, we can Create it!


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Decorative concrete patio with custom lines carved

Cracked Concrete Renovation Ideas

One of the most common questions we are asked is if cracked concrete can be repaired. The industry’s answer is yes, but with disclaimers. Typically, concrete is about 4 inches thick and often is reinforced with steel. If 4 inches of steel-reinforced concrete can crack, there’s a pretty good chance that anything you place on top of it will crack as well. It’s called mirroring when the crack resurfaces as the underlying crack continues to move.

Using epoxy injections to weld the two slabs back together is fairly successful, but you can still see the epoxy repair. Contractors will often cover the repairs using Micro-toppings a polymer, sand and cement application applied in the desired color. Micro-toppings are extremely versatile to include stone and textured finish in an endless array of colors and stains.

There is also Quartz/Epoxy Systems that are far more durable made from the 4th hardest mineral below diamonds. Quartz/Epoxy injections are made with an epoxy base. Combining epoxy injection and Quartz/Epoxy finish makes for a durable surface.

Another popular re-surfacing system is Grind, Stain, and Seal. These are exceptionally beautiful applications that use the characteristics of your existing concrete along with the natural mottling of the stains to make a unique and beautiful work of art. This application does not require a topical application other than the stain and sealer. Most clients like its look even if there are some cracks showing. It looks a little more rustic and in Colorado, that is usually a good thing!

You might be thinking, “hold on, didn’t you say that with Epoxy injection, the cracks could mirror back through the re-surfacing application?” There is always that possibility, but not always. You might also be thinking, “well, then what can I do?” To properly answer that question, we need to review why the crack could potentially come back which requires a little more knowledge about concrete itself.

Beyond the concrete’s PSI (how many sacks of cement is in each yard of concrete) it’s important to know what type of steel was used to mesh or re-bar. It’s also important to know the size of the aggregate that was used to make the concrete. However, the most important deterrent to avoid cracks is the control joints. You might also ask, “what are control joints?”

As a kid, you may remember skipping down the sidewalk and jumping over the cracks to avoid breaking your Mother’s back. These cracks are control joints. In a walkway, they are spaced about every 4 feet. In large concrete areas such as patios and driveways, they have a maximum spacing of 10 feet. If you have a greater than 10′ x 10′ slab or no control joints at all, you will get cracks.

Injecting them with Epoxy will help weld the slabs back together. If you don’t have control joints, these cracks will invariably mirror back into the slab. So once you inject the Epoxy, it’s best to create control joints near the repair or better yet, in the repair. This is accomplished by using a small right angle grinder and a diamond crack chasing blade. It is a “V” shaped blade that creates joints that look like the joints on your driveways and walkways.

Here at Concrete Restoration Systems LLC, we use the disadvantages of concrete slabs to our advantage. Take this residential patio below that was about 30 feet by 30 feet wide and had no control joints. If you look closely, you can see cracks running in every direction. To fix this, we used a right angle grinder and a diamond crack chaser and started with the existing cracks opening them up to create a joint. We then craved a flagstone pattern off those main cracks creating a unique stone pattern.

We then injected the epoxy into the cracks or joints to weld the slabs back together. You could use any of the applications described above, but for this patio, we chose Grind, Stain and Seal application with a smokey beige stain. We then stained all of the joints with a midnight black exterior concrete dye and it made an incredible difference. You can’t even tell where the original cracks were. If there is any future movement, it will be in those control joints and undetectable.

“It’s not just concrete renovation, it is art!”

If you would like us to help you with your project, please click here to schedule a free consultation for creative concrete solutions. If you can Imagine it, we can Create it!

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backyard decorative concrete patio finished

The Art of Concrete Restoration

How Decorative Concrete Can Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Home

The Art of Concrete Restoration often begins with considering the drawbacks of the failing concrete in order to provide a renovation solution. In the pictures above, the same patio is shown before and after our services. We were challenged with a large 40′ x 40′ patio that was severely cracked because no control joints were installed.

To those that do not know what control joints are, they’re found in the cracks between slabs and are spaced about every 4 feet. They are there in the hopes that as the concrete moves with settling or expansion, any crack that should develop will occur in these control joints since they are the weakest point in the slab.

Much like folding a piece of paper in half and creating a firm crease down the middle. Then take the paper from each side of the crease and tear it in half. Usually, the paper will tear right along the crease you placed down the middle of the paper. This is the same with concrete.

In larger concrete slabs such as driveways and patios, the control joints are placed at a maximum of 10-foot spacing. This patio had no control joints whatsoever and was a maze of cracks in every direction crisscrossing and settling everywhere. For added fun, this patio was also painted yellow.

As discussed above, we look at the issues in the concrete to provide a solution. Our solution was to make the existing cracks into control joints that can continue to move in the future. These cracks are control joints the concrete has made for itself and will use in the future upon any further movement in the slab.

Here we used a 4” right angle grinder and a diamond “V” shaped crack chaser tool and carved joints into the existing cracks and then all over the slab to disguise the crack pattern. The existing cracks were filled with crack repair Epoxy to hide them. The paint on the patio was removed with a diamond cutting concrete prep machine and the patio was stained with an antiquing for a warm stone appearance. Then, we stained all of the control joints with a midnight black exterior dye and sealed the patio with a high-end Siloxane Modified Methyl Methacrylate sealer. This is now a beautiful, stunning decorative patio that costs less than tear out and replacing with plain gray concrete.

As I always say, we have never had the same two projects in over 40 years in the business. Each project has its own unique solution and appearance. As an Architect, I use my decades of experience to create a perfect solution for your concrete restoration needs.

The Art of Concrete Restoration combines superior structural intervention with creative and innovative ideas and artistry to produce not just structurally sound concrete, but beautiful functioning works of art.

I invite you to use our free consulting services to explore the unlimited and creative solutions we can offer you!


If you would like us to help you with your project, please click here to schedule a free consultation for creative concrete solutions. If you can Imagine it, we can Create it!



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  • Stained Concrete
  • Decorative Concrete
  • Epoxy Quartz Systems
  • Grind, Acid Stain and Seal
  • Interior Concrete Restorations
  • Exterior Concrete Restorations
  • Commercial and Residential

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refinishing concrete driveway process

Replacing vs Repairing Driveways with Decorative Concrete

Why Repairing Your Driveway Can Save You Thousands!


Asking yourself, “should I replace my deteriorated driveway or can it be repaired?” Ask any concrete replacement contractor and they will tell you that it must be replaced. And until recent years, tear out and replace was the only option. But today, there are many decorative concrete solutions that are now available.

While there are many types of systems such as grinding, acid staining and sealing, the beautiful quartz driveways come in every color imaginable and are extremely durable. Micro-topping systems are also awesome alternatives to replacement.

Better yet, you will have beautiful decorative concrete for a fraction of the cost of a tear-out and plain gray replacement. Many clients also worry that with a tear-out and replacement, they could have the same problems again with the concrete falling apart. There is no guarantee that it won’t happen again after replacement.

In fact, one out of three driveways in Colorado will encounter the same results that caused the consumer to have to replace the driveway in the first place. You might be asking yourself, “wouldn’t I be better off putting money into decorative concrete that will last and have greater value for less than replacement?”

The answer is simple: yes! There are so many beautiful, durable and greater lasting alternatives! Micro-topping your driveway is only one alternative to restoring your driveway!

Contact Concrete Restoration Systems LLC as a great source for information on the latest driveway restorations techniques and applications serving the Greater Denver Area for nearly 40 years!

If you would like us to help you with your project, please click here to schedule a free consultation for creative concrete solutions. If you can Imagine it, we can Create it!

Article by Daniel Yalacki:



Denver, Colorado

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Acid Stained Concrete – Not a DIY Project for the untrained Professional

Why some home improvements should be left for a professional.

Concrete acid staining is the new trend to improve their basements for homeowners with concrete floors. Many homeowners are trying to take on the project themselves as a DIY project. However, this can be one of the most harmful and damaging projects to their health. While the end result is a decorative piece that is an asset and focal point to your home, undertaking the project can have long-term hazards if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Stained Acid Concrete – DIY vs Professional Benefits

There are two ways to acid stain concrete: do it yourself or have it done by a professional. Even if the homeowner has done acid staining treatment in their home already, there is a special preparation machine that will strip off a small layer of concrete so that the staining process can begin properly.

The machine is only owned by companies that specialize in this. There are only 75 of them in the country and they are unique due to their diamond cutting blades. Produced in Canada, they have the power and technology to strip the smallest layer of concrete off the floor. This process helps prepare the surface before acid staining to eliminate residue so the minimize mess.

Performing DIY concrete acid staining requires tools, precision, and patience. The best way to understand how to acid stain concrete is to simply research it and grasp how it works and what the acid does. It’s important to know what may damage the concrete, resulting in having it redone by a professional, which will inevitably cost more money.

decorative interior floor

The most harmful part for homeowners that are doing this themselves is the unknown acidity and reactions of the products. The acid can be detrimental if it touched anything that it can damage. From here, homeowners must fathom the process of acid staining their own floor and have already planned what to do if something goes wrong. 

Hiring a professional to acid stain concrete floors is the way to go, especially because they (usually) know what they are doing! Unless homeowners know what they’re doing with acid staining concrete and understand the process, it is more worth their money to let a professional who has done it for many years, like Concrete Restoration Systems, do it.

With professionally done concrete staining, the floors will be resistant to damage and only require easy maintenance. Due to their polished feel and look, it just takes a broom, vacuum or other cleaning supplies to clean up a spill. It has been said that a concrete floor that has been beautifully transformed through acid staining will last up to a century, whereas carpet must be cleaned every other year and replaced once or twice in a decade. One of the best benefits of concrete acid staining is the versatile look, specifically an industrial look. Concrete can be given certain stains that will make it look dry instead of a wet look, which some people may not like. With a dry appearance, it may look more welcoming and homey.

commercial interior floor

Homeowners, if acid staining your concrete floors has been a dream of a lifetime, give Concrete Restoration Systems a call today and they will give you the best buck for your budget. With nearly 40 years in the industry and unbeatable high-quality machinery, they will have it done it no time with a beautiful look to last for years.


Serving Colorado for nearly 40 years, Concrete Restoration Systems has the experience and tools to make your dream home into a dream come true. Unlike other companies, they understand that taking the time to treat the concrete floor properly with acid yields perfect results. They appreciate the process and what makes acid staining such a beautiful piece of work.

If you would like us to help you with your project, please click here to schedule a free consultation for creative concrete solutions. If you can Imagine it, we can Create it!

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acid stained decorative concrete basement floor

Concrete Acid Stain Companies – The best option for a great look (and for your health)

How Stained Concrete Creates a Lasting Impression


Concrete acid staining has become popular and a trend of today’s house alternative flooring market. Many homeowners have concrete stained their floors, making it into their dream home. The question is whether it’s more cost-efficient to do the project yourself or to hire a professional. It all depends on how much experience you have to do it yourself and the cost of the supplies. Professionals that specialize in acid concrete staining have all the tools and experience to get the job done right, but it may be more cost-efficient without a professional if the homeowner knows what they are doing.

There is a lot of work and tools that go into staining concrete, not to mention that once it is done, it is done. There is no going back except paying more to have it ground down. Any homeowner should really think about the cost to them of staining concrete themselves and the extra cost if they mess up. In addition, some acid staining tools such as rollers, squeegees, and acid sprays not only require professional experience to do right but can also be harmful to the homeowner’s home if done incorrectly. If the homeowner has the budget for all of the chemicals and tools, they should also plan a budget of the cost to fix anything that they don’t have the knowledge to fix.


To perform a rustic acid-washed stain on concrete flooring, the estimated cost is around $0.30 per square foot for DIY homeowners. This is inexpensive, but what is more worth it – taking the chance of doing it yourself and potentially paying up to a thousand dollars for a professional to fix it, or letting a professional handle it from the beginning?

Because there are so many chemicals involved in concrete acid staining, it is so vital to make sure the acidic liquid does not come in contact with anything it should not be touching (i.e. furniture, walls, floors than being damaged from the acid). This could simply cost any homeowner thousands of dollars in damage that they could have spent on a professional to do it correctly. When in doubt, it is always best to seek a professional, like Concrete Restoration Systems, who has years of experience in the industry and knows exactly what they are doing to do the best job. One of the most harmful effects to a home from acid staining is all of the chemicals being exposed in the home. This can be dangerous to the health of anyone just by breathing it in and especially for pets due to the aftereffect of chemicals roaming around the home.

Figuring out the best way to stain concrete both efficiently and financially will require a lot of research and professional help, but it’s doable and affordable in the end if done right. It’s important to know what you want and the cost of it. Widely known in Denver, Concrete Restoration Systems has served hundreds of people around the Denver Metro area and has a history of perfection and low prices with outstanding reviews. With nearly 40 years of experience, owner Dan Yalacki will make sure all needs are taken care of.

If you would like us to help you with your project, please click here to schedule a free consultation for creative concrete solutions. If you can Imagine it, we can Create it!

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commercial interior floor

What are my alternatives for my basement floor?

How an Acid Stained Floor is a Great Basement Alternative to A Finished Basement


Traditionally, installing carpet or hardwood flooring in a basement was the norm. Not today! With the latest advancements in concrete enhancement, new systems are driving consumers to these beautiful, low maintenance floors. Flood resistant, stain-resistant, easy to clean and plain stunning!

Stained Floors:

The stain takes on the character of your existing concrete with all of its beautiful flaws, creating an ever-developing and unique look on every floor. Every project is different and no two look the same with a multitude of colors and color combinations to produce a work of art as the centerpiece of any project.

You’ll love these floors. They feel substantial to walk and play on, they’re great for folks with pets and children as they clean up easily and have unbelievable durability. The days of mildew carpets, carpet cleaning and water damage are over.

Begin with a free consultation with an architect and project planner to discuss the project and the desired look. Next, samples are put together based on the discussion so you can see what the project will look like after completion. It is a hands-on process that keeps the client in mind. It’s fun and the process ensures that you will get the exact look you had in mind.



Another great alternative to conventional flooring is Micro-topping. This process is a building of patterns, colors and textures to achieve the appearance of stone, smooth trowel with stain, leather and much more. It’s also a hybrid application that repels water and is extremely durable. There are about 15 colors to choose from and mix and match to create the perfect floor for any room.

We welcome you to visit us at concreterestorationsystems.com for more information and ideas for these exciting flooring systems. You will really have fun creating the most exciting durable concrete floors for your unique project.

If you would like us to help you with your project, please click here to schedule a free consultation for creative concrete solutions. If you can Imagine it, we can Create it!

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