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Decorative Concrete Driveways Leaves a Lasting impression for Homeowners!

How to Increase Curbside Home Appeal with an Amazing Driveway


Concrete Restoration Systems, by Malibu Pools is leading a growing trend in the competitive Denver Home Market. Homeowners are now refinishing their driveways with decorate concrete rather than replacing them, in order to increase curb appeal, and differentiate their home in the hyper-competitive and dynamic Colorado Real Estate Market.

Coming from the custom pool and decorative patio industry, Dan Yalacki of Concrete Restoration Systems recognized the demand for homeowners to highlight and make their properties stand out among the crowd, and increase both the aesthetics or their home, as well as the property value.

With the ever-changing Colorado weather, these homeowners have also discovered that refinishing their driveways, rather than replacing them, is less expensive, easier, faster, and also makes the home more valuable in the process.

Our Exclusive driveway restoration Systems and applications such as CRS’s own Duracrete 2000, provide a beautiful, long-lasting improvement to your home. These are high end, high-quality systems and offer a great alternative to installing plain gray concrete. These custom decorative driveways are the newest home improvement for those considering replacing an older driveway.

Homeowners can choose from installing a decorative grind, acid stain and seal system provided exclusively by our company in an array of beautiful colors and finishes. Or install a durable metal-reinforced micro-topping developed and offered exclusively by our company in as many colors, patterns, and finishes as you can imagine. This makes every project unique!

So don’t put up with a spalling and deteriorated concrete driveway, when you can have a gorgeous Concrete Restoration driveway from Malibu Pools. There is no limit to what you can do! You can add decorative stone borders to the sides of your driveway, or patterned stone finished accent walkways and entryways for that eye-catching look. You can enjoy your new driveway for years to come and if you decide to sell, the market appeal of these gorgeous driveways will ensure the greatest return of any improvement you can make to your home!

Dan Yalacki, the owner of CRS, is one of Denver’s oldest decorative concrete contractor. Providing decorative concrete solutions for custom pools, patios, and driveways since 1978! Providing real solutions for homeowners decorative concrete needs.



Concrete Restoration Systems by Malibu Pools is Denver’s premier decorative contractor, providing Colorado homeowners with the ultimate in custom designs and installation for all of their decorative concrete needs. Proudly serving Colorado and the greater Denver Metro Region for nearly 40 years under the same ownership, CRS provides its clientele with the ultimate in quality resort-style living in their own property. With a full-time architectural designer with over 30 years, CRS ensures its clients get the most out of their decorative concrete investment.

For Concrete Restoration Systems by Malibu Pools:
Dan Yalacki

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What are my options for my deteriorated and spalling driveway?

How to Save a Driveway without having to Replace it


It is best to understand what causes this deterioration phenomenon. Spalling, as it is known in the industry, is a surface failure of the concrete caused during the installation of the concrete. There are specifically two causes for this surface deterioration. Either, the concrete froze during the curing process, causing the concrete finish to be compromised (weakened) or it was very hot or there was too much concrete to finish and the concrete was over-worked and wet down to get the concrete finished thus compromising the finish.

While there are only two causes of concrete spalling, there are a host of aggravating conditions that make this problem so widespread affecting 1 out of 3 driveways in Colorado. Because concrete finishing is such a competitive industry and not very profitable, most contractors will install 3 to 4 driveways in a single day.

During the summer months, you may have had your driveway done in the heat of the day with hot concrete and worn out finishers. The most common mistakes are the failure to use concrete pumps to place the concrete quickly. In the winter, it is a failure to cover the concrete with blankets to prevent overnight freezing, especially on larger driveways due to the cost of these blankets and all results in concrete spalling.

However, spalling is a surface phenomenon and rarely affects the structural integrity of the concrete itself, only the finished surface. However, if not attended to promptly, the concrete with continue to deteriorate beyond the initial surface until a replacement is the only option.

Until recent years, there was little alternative to tear out and replacement. Concrete Restoration Systems, by Malibu Pools is leading the advancement of alternatives. The obvious preference of homeowners is to have perhaps decorative concrete to installing plain gray concrete again and possibly having the same problem again.

A few years ago, a client presented us with a concern that he had a radiant heated driveway and was told it would be more expensive to replace the radiant heating components in the driveway than the driveway itself, that was spalling. We began researching an alternative to replacement. We contacted over 90 vendors, suppliers of abrasives, grinding equipment manufacturers and concrete contractors and was told that tear out was the only solution.

We then discovered a company out of Canada that was using horizontal concrete cutting machines to remove the initial surface that was spalling, staining the concrete and sealing. We bought one of these 75 machines in the world, purchased the most aggressive diamond cutters and set out to see if we could remove the bad concrete and make something look good. Wow, were we shocked! The machine and the cutters selected made the most beautiful driveway. With several passes, we removed the entire spalling surface, the stone in the concrete was exposed and the stain modeled throughout the finish. Impressive!

This article was produced, to provide you with information about what is possible as an alternative to concrete replacement. This article was written by Daniel Yalacki, contractor/architect here in Denver with over 40 years of experience in the concrete industry, manufacturing, research, and development of industrial products and services since 1978.

For Concrete Restoration Systems by Malibu Pools:

Dan Yalacki


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How to Prepare Your Driveway for the Winter

Protect your Concrete Driveway from Colorado’s Harsh Winters


Colorado is known for its unpredictable weather, but it’s guaranteed that there always will be at least a few snowstorms during the winter. When the temperatures drop, the days get shorter, and the clouds roll in, it is of the utmost importance to prepare your driveway for the changing seasons.

Malibu Pools is an industry leader in customized decorative concrete landscaping and we want your driveways and other home features to last as long as possible. There are a couple of steps you can take to help prepare your driveway for the winter.

Growth and Debris

First, it is important to remove the growth and other debris from the existing cracks in your driveway in order to prevent them from growing in size or depth. Make sure to rinse following cleanup to wash away what’s left behind.

If you don’t, snow will melt and get into the cracks and will then be held by the roots of the weeds. Then, as water freezes nightly in the cracks around the hard debris, the slabs will continue to separate, making the damage worse and worse.

A power washer, nozzle on your hose, or sturdy broom on a warm day can take care of all of this. Don’t try to use water on the day before the cold snap; otherwise, it will settle into the dirt and may expand the cracks.

Seal and Protect

Don’t you hate it when you shovel and your blade slams into a crack that stops you and sends the snow flying? We can quickly and cheaply grind the split down, preventing you from having to replace the driveway after the winter. We’ll grind it flat and then seal the crack with our special epoxy, preventing additional cracking, enabling you to make it through the winter.

If you have a blacktop, make sure to seal it every other year to protect it from cold temperatures and snowpack. A simple fix is to use a store-bought product, but it might not last. The best option is to have a professional make temporary mend to limit future damage and costs associated with replacing the driveway.

Our process allows concrete to dry in cold and moist times more quickly too. So even if it is the middle of winter, it is not too late to restore, grind down, or even replace your driveway quickly and efficiently.

Salt and Savor

It is also important to use a salt guard, driveway cleaner, and an oil and grease stain remover to further protect your driveway from damage caused by salt deposits and keep it clean through the colder months.

Minimizing Winter Cracking With Hot and Cold Weather

With winter quickly approaching, the question on many homeowners’ minds is how they can protect their property, specifically their landscape, from winter cracking due to extreme temperature changes. Having served residents in and around Denver for around 40 years now, Malibu Pools is here to help you minimize winter cracking with these tips.

First, make sure your surface is clean. That means no trash, leaves, or other debris in or around the cracks that already exist. Break out your broom and start sweeping things into bags. Use a driveway cleaning solution to remove stains and grease. If you have access to one, use a power washer to remove what you might not be able to get to yourself with just your hands.

Second, it is important to always remember to use a good sealant as the temperatures start to drop. A sealant will close small cracks, help prevent new cracks from forming, and waterproofs your entire concrete surface. It is easy to use and takes just a few minutes to apply and dry.

Lastly, consider contacting Concrete Restoration Systems to help you professionally protect your driveway from seasonal temperature changes. We are glad to help. Call us today for more information.


Don’t let the cold get the best of you! Prepare for the winter and protect your driveway today!

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concrete restoration

How to Save Money Restoring a Concrete Driveway

Picture your perfect concrete driveway. It’s sleek and smooth, not a crack in sight. You look at it with pride and your friends are envious.

Flash forward 10 years: it’s cracking and you no longer get that sense of pride when you see it. There might even be a few weeds sprouting. How disappointing! You are at a loss about how to fix it. What are you supposed to do? How can you restore it to its former glory?

Over time, concrete deteriorates and starts to show signs of aging. Nobody wants a cracked or spalled driveway, but nobody wants to spend a fortune trying to restore it either—and concrete repair can add up if you don’t take care of it in time!

From the development of our exclusive Concrete Restoration System to our Duracrete 2000 application that provides real solutions for spalling and deteriorated and discolored concrete, we are a leader in outdoor concrete home landscaping and restoration.

Typical concrete costs $10/square foot to replace. Most companies will tear it out, reframe it, and out it, costing you thousands of dollars and sometimes weeks of inconvenience not being able to use your driveway. This isn’t the only way to approach restoring. Instead, you can use the existing foundation you have. Many aren’t aware, but your concrete can be salvaged and can still look beautiful for far less time, money, and headache than completely replacing it.

By developing the most advanced decorative and stained concrete finishes in the industry, Malibu Pools and Decorative Concrete has always been on the cutting edge of technology. We truly are a leader in the decorative concrete landscaping and repair industry in the Denver Metro Area, serving residents all along the Front Range. We salvage driveways by grinding them down to their base, filling in any voids and cracks, and then stain them and add a protective layer to make them beautiful and long-lasting. In the end, you will save time and money and have an even more beautiful driveway than before.

Let us here at Concrete Restoration Systems help you save money by restoring your concrete driveway today—call us for a quote.

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