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Concrete Restoration Systems
by Malibu Pools and Decorative Concrete as featured here in our April 2018 publication of Colorado Homes and Lifestyle Magazine in recognition of their 40 years of impeccable contributions within our Colorado Community. 

Established in June of 1978, Daniel Yalacki the Owner, President/CEO of Malibu Pools and Decorative Concrete began this company at the age of 18. He was the middle child in a family of nine children. Having the desire to become an architect, he built pools in the summertime and went to school in the Fall after the season was over. He graduated top of his class in 1982.

In 1983, he developed a pool resurfacing system called Fibercoat 2000 that’s a fiberglass, reinforced, porcelain-like application that is still in pools some 35 years later. He was the second contractor in Colorado to provide stamped concrete. He was the first generation of decorative concrete, and by the mid-1980’s he brought talented stamp concrete installers from San Diego CA. This quickly transformed his company from primarily pools, spas, outdoor kitchens and fire pits, to providing the finest in decorative concrete applications in the state.

While his company still provides all of the services listed above, his greatest focus is on restoring concrete and driveways that have caught his attention. After being in the concrete industry for over 40 years, he has seen just about everything you can with concrete. Up until now, when concrete has spalling, which is the flaking off of the concrete surface as shown in the “before” picture on this driveway, tear out and a replacement was the only option. 

One in three driveways have spalling in Colorado, however, Concrete Restorations Systems has the solutions! They can turn your ugly, deteriorated driveway into a beautiful work of art that your neighbors will be jealous of, and for good reason. This company also has had no complaints with the BBB and a five star review – the best in the industry!

If you would like us to help you with your project, please click here to schedule a free consultation for creative concrete solutions.

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commercial interior floor

What are my alternatives for my basement floor?

How an Acid Stained Floor is a Great Basement Alternative to A Finished Basement


Traditionally, installing carpet or hardwood flooring in a basement was the norm. Not today! With the latest advancements in concrete enhancement, new systems are driving consumers to these beautiful, low maintenance floors. Flood resistant, stain-resistant, easy to clean and plain stunning!

Stained Floors:

The stain takes on the character of your existing concrete with all of its beautiful flaws, creating an ever-developing and unique look on every floor. Every project is different and no two look the same with a multitude of colors and color combinations to produce a work of art as the centerpiece of any project.

You’ll love these floors. They feel substantial to walk and play on, they’re great for folks with pets and children as they clean up easily and have unbelievable durability. The days of mildew carpets, carpet cleaning and water damage are over.

Begin with a free consultation with an architect and project planner to discuss the project and the desired look. Next, samples are put together based on the discussion so you can see what the project will look like after completion. It is a hands-on process that keeps the client in mind. It’s fun and the process ensures that you will get the exact look you had in mind.



Another great alternative to conventional flooring is Micro-topping. This process is a building of patterns, colors and textures to achieve the appearance of stone, smooth trowel with stain, leather and much more. It’s also a hybrid application that repels water and is extremely durable. There are about 15 colors to choose from and mix and match to create the perfect floor for any room.

We welcome you to visit us at for more information and ideas for these exciting flooring systems. You will really have fun creating the most exciting durable concrete floors for your unique project.

If you would like us to help you with your project, please click here to schedule a free consultation for creative concrete solutions. If you can Imagine it, we can Create it!

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