Commercial Concrete Restoration


We also offer commercial concrete restoration for showrooms, manufacturing facilities, special agricultural grow floors and all types of commercial renovation applications. In this article, we will be looking at a sun deck at a condominium complex in downtown Denver.

This project is a 5000 square foot sun deck that was previously painted with a latex application less that a year ago which we removed by shot blasting. This deck also had control joint pattern that were approximately four foot on center throughout the entire deck. The owners originally thought they might like to have a multi-colored deck randomly placed in four different colors in these four-foot squares.

Later they decided to have a much simpler color scheme of two colors by adding 15” bands in one color and then one other color for fields. They also decided to have the control joints completely filled with silica and epoxy. We filled the joints and then ground them flush with a walk behind diamond grinder prep machine. Then drop chalk lines and re-tool new joints with a crack chaser diamond wheel and right angle grinder to provide new crisp joints in-place of the deteriorated ones over the entire deck.

There was also excessive spalling on this deck that required filling with quarts and epoxy and then ground to make it flush again. Once the preparation was complete, we began installing the quartz system in the color selected by the client. Since a picture paints a thousand words, we will let the photographs speak for themselves. This is a very durable and great looking application. Thank you for you viewing our article! If you need a consultation, please feel free to contact us for all your concrete renovation needs.


Article by Daniel L. Yalacki CEO/President

Malibu Pools LLC and Concrete Restoration Systems LLC

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