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How to Increase Curbside Home Appeal with an Amazing Driveway


Concrete Restoration Systems, by Malibu Pools is leading a growing trend in the competitive Denver Home Market. Homeowners are now refinishing their driveways with decorate concrete rather than replacing them, in order to increase curb appeal, and differentiate their home in the hyper-competitive and dynamic Colorado Real Estate Market.

Coming from the custom pool and decorative patio industry, Dan Yalacki of Concrete Restoration Systems recognized the demand for homeowners to highlight and make their properties stand out among the crowd, and increase both the aesthetics or their home, as well as the property value.

With the ever-changing Colorado weather, these homeowners have also discovered that refinishing their driveways, rather than replacing them, is less expensive, easier, faster, and also makes the home more valuable in the process.

Our Exclusive driveway restoration Systems and applications such as CRS’s own Duracrete 2000, provide a beautiful, long-lasting improvement to your home. These are high end, high-quality systems and offer a great alternative to installing plain gray concrete. These custom decorative driveways are the newest home improvement for those considering replacing an older driveway.

Homeowners can choose from installing a decorative grind, acid stain and seal system provided exclusively by our company in an array of beautiful colors and finishes. Or install a durable metal-reinforced micro-topping developed and offered exclusively by our company in as many colors, patterns, and finishes as you can imagine. This makes every project unique!

So don’t put up with a spalling and deteriorated concrete driveway, when you can have a gorgeous Concrete Restoration driveway from Malibu Pools. There is no limit to what you can do! You can add decorative stone borders to the sides of your driveway, or patterned stone finished accent walkways and entryways for that eye-catching look. You can enjoy your new driveway for years to come and if you decide to sell, the market appeal of these gorgeous driveways will ensure the greatest return of any improvement you can make to your home!

Dan Yalacki, the owner of CRS, is one of Denver’s oldest decorative concrete contractor. Providing decorative concrete solutions for custom pools, patios, and driveways since 1978! Providing real solutions for homeowners decorative concrete needs.



Concrete Restoration Systems by Malibu Pools is Denver’s premier decorative contractor, providing Colorado homeowners with the ultimate in custom designs and installation for all of their decorative concrete needs. Proudly serving Colorado and the greater Denver Metro Region for nearly 40 years under the same ownership, CRS provides its clientele with the ultimate in quality resort-style living in their own property. With a full-time architectural designer with over 30 years, CRS ensures its clients get the most out of their decorative concrete investment.

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