Decorative Concrete Staining and Sealing

Decorative backyard concrete Patio - After 2

Making an Attractive Patio out of your existing Concrete


Nothing adds value like staining and sealing your stamped concrete. Illustrated above is a stamped concrete patio that is faded to an unattractive color. The client said they rarely went out on the patio because it was ugly and notably an undesirable place to retreat. Upon restoring this patio, the client set out to purchase all new patio furniture to make up for the lost years.

This patio, was pretty blasé, the wrong color and had a very shallow or nonexistent joint that provides the flagstone pattern. To begin, we stripped the existing sealer off with a stripping agent. We then used a four-inch right angle grinder and a diamond crack chaser tool to bring out the superficial and faint joints that made up the flagstone pattern. We then applied an Exterior Concrete Dye in Walnut to bring out a warm, earthy Coloradan look. To finish off, we sealed it with a High-End Acrylic Sealer with UV Inhibitors for longevity.

The difference is amazing and this beautiful patio is now a truly inviting place to entertain! Here at Concrete Restoration System, we find that every project has its own uniqueness and character that we build on! That is why we can say that no two projects are alike.

We invite you to call us for a free consultation for ideas for all your concrete renovation needs. Stay tuned for other Decorative Concrete Solutions!

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Authored by:

Daniel L. Yalacki

CEO/President of Concrete Restoration Systems

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