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Customize your home with Decorative Concrete Driveways, Patios, and more

When it comes to your home, everybody deserves a place to call their sanctuary. Decorative concrete by Concrete Restoration Services can add a touch of flair to your concrete driveway, front porch, back patio, basement, or anywhere else you can think of in your home. Serving the Denver area for over 40 years, we are an industry pioneer in concrete landscaping, repair, restoration, resurfacing, and more all along the Front Range.

Concrete Restorations Systems has been providing beautiful, high-end decorative concrete products and incredible concrete restoration systems in the Denver Area since 1978. We are one of the first companies in the Front Range of Colorado to offer decorative and stamped concrete way back in the early 1980’s.

Our pursuit of cutting-edge technology has enabled us to produce some of the most incredible systems that are exclusive to our company. We have used our decades of experience to develop and manufacture our own products to ensure quality and longevity for our customers. This way, we have control over the quality of the products we install and allows us to remain competitive to save you money.

We get pretty creative around here and no two projects are ever the same. We always say, if you can imagine it, we can build it! Providing you with the ultimate stained floors for basements, our exclusive driveway resurfacing systems to restore deteriorated and spalling concrete, our Duracrete 2000 systems a metal reinforced micro-topping systems for patios, entryways or wherever you have concrete that needs attention. Call today for a free consultation. Why replace your concrete when you can have decorative concrete for far less money.


While other concrete contractors can only recommend tear out and replacement, Malibu Pools and Concrete Restoration Systems have real solutions to your concrete needs with beautiful decorative concrete overlayments of metal reinforced micro-topping in stone finish and our exclusive grind, stain and seal applications.


Why replace your concrete with plain gray concrete when you can have beautiful decorative concrete for less costs? Our exclusive process eliminates the need to replace your concrete if you contact us before it is unsalvageable. Call us before it’s too late and let us show you what can be done to have a work of art instead of an ugly spalling concrete area. Malibu Pools and Concrete Restoration Systems is ready to save the day!


Sometimes, you need to wipe your slate clean and start fresh. When it comes to decorative concrete, Malibu Pools understands when that time has come. Some projects are just too far gone to salvage so we do offer complete tear out and replacement if this has happened to you. So call us up and even if you just want new concrete or you want to step it up with decorative concrete replacement, we can help!


Like many things, concrete ages. Wear and tear over time due to weather and normal aging process which can result in deteriorated and spalling concrete surfaces We have many beautiful finishes to choose from in many colors and patterns sure to impress.


Colorado’s weather is unpredictable, to say the least with 70 degree days in January and snow in May are not uncommon. We manufacture our own sealers to ensure you get the best ingredients and longevity for our unique climate.


For almost 40 years, Malibu Pools has served the Denver area with the highest quality decorative concrete and resurfacing systems and services. We pride ourselves as the industry leader in cutting edge technology and experience. This allows us to provide you with the best the industry has to offer and our designers and consultants are just simply amazing to produce the perfect project you will be proud of. Call for a free consultation.


With all the choices we offer or have added with our decades of experience in Micro-topping’s and concrete staining applications we have developed, to creating the perfect accents with stone borders. We have it all!


Malibu Pools is a leader in the decorative concrete industry in Denver. Contact us for all your decorative concrete needs!