Repair your Concrete with Concrete Restoration Systems


Until recently, the only solution to deteriorated, stained, spalling or discolored concrete was to tear out and replace it. Typically what would happen is you would begin to see the surface of the driveway begin spalling or crumbling apart. So you called a concrete contractor and he said you have to tear it out! There is no other solution.

We had a customer a few years ago that had a radiant heated driveway he didn’t want to replace because of the high cost. We began researching the options and spoke with over 100 contractors, manufacturers of grinding abrasives and concrete replacement contractors and concrete polishing companies to determine a solution to these problems. We invariably were told that replacement was the only solution to spalling concrete.

Then, we heard of a company in Canada that was grinding off the deteriorated concrete with a diamond cutting machine, removing the damaged concrete surface, acid staining and sealing these driveways. We purchased one of the 75 existing grinding machines sold in the U.S. and bought ground off the surface of the driveway. The stones in the concrete showed through and after it was stained it looked even better. We finished off by applying a high-end sealer to the driveway. Our client now has a gorgeous decorative driveway for substantially less money than replacement.

This is truly a work of art and comes in so many colors and finishes. This is a miracle application that is really getting a lot of attention. This is also perfect for basements where for ease of maintenance and the modeling properties that it offers. Why replace with plain old gray concrete when you can beautiful decorative concrete for less costs instead. Call for your free consultation!  

Cost Efficient Repair Solutions


By developing the most advanced decorative and stained concrete finishes in the industry, Malibu Pools and Decorative Concrete has always been on the cutting edge of technology. From the development of our exclusive Concrete Restoration System, to our Duracrete 2000 application that provides real solutions for spalling and deteriorated and discolored concrete, we are a leader in outdoor concrete home landscaping.

Over time, concrete faces damage. Cracks begin to appear and spalling can occur. A surface phenomenon that takes place during the installation and finishing of the concrete, spalling is an eyesore that can make the most beautiful surfaces look unkempt. How do you take care of this situation as quickly and cheaply as possible? Simple: Malibu Pools.

At Malibu Pools, we are committed to providing the highest quality service to Denver residents and beyond. Concrete repair does not have to be difficult or expensive. In fact, it can be simply, customizable, and even a little fun.

We can repair your damaged concrete AND make it even better with custom treatments that will set you apart from the rest of your neighborhood. Your friends will love what you end up doing with your place.

Give us at Malibu Pools a call today and start restoring your damaged decorative concrete!