Our exclusive Grind, Acid stain and Seal process is revolutionary!

Why tear out the concrete? Use our proven Grind, Acid Stain and Seal process to obtain a beautiful decorative concrete at less cost than replacement.

Prepare for Unexpected Weather by Sealing your Concrete

Colorado’s weather is unpredictable, to say the least. 70 degree days in January and snow in May are not uncommon. Therefore, it is important to prepare your home properly, and that includes your concrete surfaces. Let Concrete Restoration Systems seal your concrete to avoid weather damage!

For over 40 years, Concrete Restoration Systems has provided high-quality decorative concrete landscaping and sealing services to the entire Denver region. Our designers will work with you to customize your sealing to your needs.

Concrete sealers provided by Concrete Restoration Systems will make your concrete more resistant to weather exposure, water, grease and oil stains, abrasion and deicing salts. Plus, they will help bring out the natural beauty of your concrete and make it easier to clean. Your concrete will be ready for the winter and look beautiful!

Preventative Long-term Care with Concrete Sealing


Our professionals having been in the industry for 40 years have tested and helped invent the best protection and sealants in the industry. Having created pool liners for Colorado’s temperate swings we have seen what lasts in the diverse array of temperatures that Denver endures. We’ve brought similar technology into sealing driveways and concrete slabs from residential areas to commercial spaces to make them last. Our sealants we can put on your decorative driveway will assist in preventing further damage, abrasion, and deterioration.

See how long your current driveway will last when you treat it properly and add a sealant to your concrete slab.


Don’t wait for a winter storm to seal your concrete. Call Malibu Pools and Concrete Restoration Systems today.