Micro Tops and Acid Stains for Striking Impressions

We have also added our decades of experience in Micro-topping and staining applications we have developed to create the perfect accents with stone borders and flagstone entryways to elevate our company to a whole new level! You can’t get these products or services anywhere else. We develop and manufacture our own products to ensure the quality of the ingredients and performance of our systems. Our Duracrete 2000 Micro-topping system with metal reinforcing provides enormous strength and durability for  driveway resurfacing.  Also, our accent borders and flagstone finishes are the best in the industry.

Acid Stains and Micro Tops

stain_afterResurfacing your concrete driveway, entryway or basement is far more attractive and affordable than replacing the concrete with a contractor. Utilizing the existing base of the concrete we are able to resurface just the deteriorating top of the concrete slab without having to go through the timely, dirty and costly price to replace it. At Concrete Restoration Systems we can get to the foundation of your concrete and expose the beauty of the natural slab. With the power of concrete acid stains we can amplify the colors that exist with the stones and in the slab. With a variety of colors for acid stains, your concrete is able to become a brilliant piece that will increase the value and appeal of your home.

If acid stains aren’t a fit due to the poor quality or desired look, adding a microtop on top of your existing concrete slab is another option that many homeowners are exploring. More appealing than stamped concrete, microtops sit atop your concrete slab and are adhered to them to ensure that there won’t be any additional cracking or deterioration. You get to choose the colors and textures for these tops and work closely with our architects to be able to get the desired decorative look you want.

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