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In this article, we are going to look at pool coping stone restoration and renovation ideas from a job we did at the Best Western.

Best Western - Pool Before
Best Western - Pool Before
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We will also be looking at ways to repair heavily damaged plaster in pools and spas from chemical abuse. Let’s start with the pool chemical deterioration first. Looking at the photographs below, you can see something that resembles a rash on the plaster’s surface. This pool at the Best Western in Ft. Collins, Colorado was built eight years ago. The person caring for the pool threw chemicals directly into the pool. This caused the plaster to have chemical burn marks all over the pool surface.

About halfway down the pool and into the deep end of the pool, the chlorine tablets thrown directly on the plaster surface caused burned cratered areas all over the pool floor and in general, all of the plaster was soft with cancer-like pockets and veining that were brown and green in appearance.     

The proper way to disburse chemicals into your pool is by way of chemical injection feeders, inline feeders or at least into the skimmers so that the chemicals can be dispersed through the filtering system before entering your pool.

To stabilize the pool plaster, we needed to grind off the soft plaster from the entire surface. To do this we used #16 grit silica carbide grinding discs and right angle grinders to remove the soft plaster from the pool as shown below. We then patched the deep, cratered areas with mortar and then sanded them with palm sanders and #40 grit sanding discs to smooth out and blend the entire surface.

We then applied two applications of 100% solid high build epoxy to finish the surface renovation process. It turned out beautiful and the owner couldn’t be happier.

This was an indoor pool, but if you were renovating an outdoor pool, I would recommend applying a polyurethane coat over the epoxy to protect it from the UV rays of the sun that can amber the epoxy application.


Pool Renovation
Pool Renovation - Before 2
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Coping Stone Renovation:

This can be fun! When you are getting a newly renovated pool, you may be looking for some ideas to renovate your coping stones that are discolored or damaged. One of our ideas was to install a quartz decking application that we commonly install in driveways and added grout joints to divide the stones. This can be done in many different colors and really adds a lot to the final finish and look of your new pool restoration!


Pool Coping
Pool Coping
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