Keep Warm With Malibu Pools

fire_pitA good roaring fire has the power to bring people together. Remember the days when you would go camping and sit around the fire roasting marshmallows and telling Ghost Stories? Well, now you can enjoy the rustic simplicity of a robust fire in your own backyard with a custom designed fireplace or fire pit from Malibu Pools!

About Malibu Pools

For almost 40 years, Malibu Pools has been serving Denver with custom backyard landscaping. We are proud to be an industry leader in the region and are thrilled to offer fully customizable backyard fireplaces and fire pits to customers!

Your Custom Fireplace or Fire Pit

Whether you want to burn real wood or use natural gas, we are here to help you create the perfect fireplace or fire place for your backyard. Your friends and family will spend hours huddled around the warmth while sharing stories and enjoying moments that will last a lifetime. We can also resurface existing features, as well as stain them, repurpose them, restore them, and more. We are happy to serve your needs from start to finish!


Slow down and enjoy the simpler thing in life; contact Malibu Pools today about your perfect custom fireplace or fire pit for your backyard today!