Custom Pools and Spas with Denver’s Best Designer

pools_3Imagine your children and friends playing and relaxing in your new swimming pool, while you are peacefully watching with a cool lemonade in your hand and the sun is setting over the Denver skyline. The sound of the water cascading into the pool causes you to drift off remembering your favorite beach vacation.

At Concrete Restoration Systems by Malibu Pools we’ve been Denver’s best custom pool designer and installation contractor for over 40 years. From pools in the mountains, second vacation homes, to backyards that need just the right fit we design custom pools that fit your backyard. Jump on in and get wet in your oval shaped pool with cascading fountains and custom tailored features that you helped design hand in hand with our leading designers.

Being in Colorado we know that the winters can be brutal on pools with the freeze and thaw cycle. The owner Dan was the first to create a new personalized design that allows for pools at altitude and with the elements that we have in the Front Range to deal with the hot and cold. The expansion won’t affect your pool’s foundation or integrity with the bed Malibu Pools creates for all of its custom projects.

With a title like Malibu Pools, you can bet that our services include building you the perfect backyard aquatic paradise for your friends and family to enjoy during the warmer months!

About Malibu Pools

Since the 1970’s, we’ve been providing custom pools to clients all along the Front Range, from Castle Rock to Lone Tree to Denver. Primarily focusing on vinyl-lined pools, we custom design and build all of our swimming pools, which often include built-in water and rock features to provide the ultimate in resort style living in your own backyard! The vinyl liner is smooth and does not promote algae growth, so you can rest easy knowing that your friends and family are safe while they enjoy pool games and relaxing days in the sunshine.

Customizing Your Pool

We are more than happy to discuss options with you regarding the size and shape of your pools previously stated, everything is completely customizable; if you want an oval, you’ll get an oval, and if you want a rectangle, you’ll get a rectangle. We don’t cut corners and pay close attention to all the details. By the end, we are sure you will be absolutely thrilled with the final result.

You can also add custom trimmings, rock outcroppings, waterfalls, and more to your design! Your pool will look beautiful and will be the envy of everyone else in your neighborhood.

When you team up with us at Malibu Pools, we can guarantee that our name will ring true: you’ll feel like a famous Hollywood celebrity at their own private Malibu retreat sitting by your beautiful, customized pool.


Contact us today about customizing your poolside options!