The Power of Acid Staining Concrete Floor

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The Beauty of a Concrete Acid Stained Floor

It has been said in Colorado that concrete driveways are built to last a lifetime, but there are certain seasonal conditions, out of homeowners’ reach, that may shorten the lifespan of the concrete driveway. Two commonly known concrete repairing techniques are concrete resurfacing and concrete engraving.

Homeowners’, if the driveway is cracking, splitting or damaged ina different area, the best solution is to get it resurfaced through Concrete Restoration Systems, a Colorado-based concrete restoration company with over 40 years of experience. Resurfacing it will give it a thin layer on top making blemishes underneath invisible. Additionally, it will upgrade the look and appeal of any homeowners’ driveway to anyone. Because there are so many colors and patterns to choose from, it really is endless what any homeowner can do to their own driveway to make it more attractive. The easiest way to repair any driveway that has cracks and splits will be to cover it with a thin layer of liquid concrete that will cover all noticeable fractures. By doing it this way, the driveway will have a chance to bond the old concrete with the new concrete. Once the concrete is set and finished, the homeowner can also choose to place a quick layer of polish on it to create an attractive look to it making it decorative. There is an endless amount of finishes you can top off the concrete with.

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Concrete engraving is a very creative way to resurface any driveway. What engraving allows is for any homeowner to add specific features to their driveway giving it a sharp look. What is even better about resurfacing by engraving is that any cracked or split concrete may actually help in the construction depending on the decoration desired. There are several different engravings that can be designed into the concrete. It all depends on what the homeowner chooses to do and the cost of engraving.

Another concrete repair method is called slab jacking. If there is an area in the concrete where it is sinking due to erosion underneath it, this process allows the slab of concrete to be lifted and new soil and sediment to be placed underneath. This allows the concrete that was sinking to level the back up with the rest of the driveway. This method can save additional money as the homeowners just needs to replace one spot instead of resurfacing the entire driveway.

If any homeowner wants to remove their acid stain on their concrete, Concrete Restoration Systems is the place to call. This company alone has a special diamond edge cutting machine that will literally scrape the stain off. Not only are these machines made in Canada but also there are only 75 In the whole United States.

Give Concrete Restoration Systems a call today and see what they can do for you to transform your concrete driveway or concrete floors into brand new flooring with beautiful coloring. CRS has over 40+ years in the concrete staining industry and has satisfied many of their customers. When it comes down to the job, no one can beat their professionalism or quality.


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