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Over the months to come, the condition of the driveways in your neighborhood are going to become an issue, so you may want to get yourself  reasonably informed about what is going on by becoming familiar with the information that is being provided in these upcoming reports. 

In addition to the following, you can expect Engineering Reports, Actual Real Estate Devaluation Reports and Financial Restoration opportunities. Visit your exclusive neighborhood site here for updates and progress. For more extensive reviews of our company 40 plus year history, go to ConcreteRestorationSystems.com    

You recently received a letter from your H.O.A. about the condition of the driveways in your neighborhood. Nationally, about one in three driveways has spalling where the concrete surface is flaking off as illustrated in the “Before” photographs in this mailer and in this photographs below of the condition of the driveways in your neighborhood.  But why do the driveways in our neighborhood have so much deterioration. 

The simple answer is, poor installation. There are three typical reasons for the flaking of the concrete surface in your driveways as illustrated in the photographs to follow: 

  1. When the weather is cold and the contractor fails to cover the concrete which is common, the surface of the concrete freezes compromising the surface of the concrete and will begin flaking in about a year and a half after installation.
  2. The weather is hot and the surface is over worked to compromise the concrete finish and this will begin to flake off in about a year and a half as well.
  3. The third way is similar to the second in that a contractor may pour multiple driveway from single truck or piggy back loads and the concrete gets hot and away from the finishers and then gets over-worked or diluted by water mist to get it finished. Either way it spells disaster for you the homeowner and is killing your re-sale values and the appearance of your neighborhood.

Nationally, about one in three driveways are affected by this installation phenomenon. In the Pradera neighborhood, about nine or eight out of ten driveways are affected causing severe spalling as illustrated. These are very nice expensive homes that you have, why wouldn’t you want to have them look their best and not lose money when selling? 

This is the entrance to your home and driving or walking over crumbling concrete to get to your home seems a shame when you could have a beautiful decorative driveway instead. We have been sending you a mailer every couple of months offering to repair your driveway with a high end decorative concrete renovation system called Duraquartz 2000. 

We are also offering special discounts and financing to the first 50 clients.

Spalling Driveway - BEFORE
Driveway Resurfaced - AFTER

Don’t let your driveway get this bad… Protect it before further winter damage with Duraquartz!

Take a little look around the neighborhood at the condition of the driveways.

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