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The best solution to wearing and old driveways


Deteriorating driveways are a common problem here in Colorado. Particularly spalling issues, where the concrete surface appears to be flaking off. We have posted several articles about what causes this phenomenon in recent months, but this article is intended to provide solutions.

In both the photographs above and the video below, you can see where the surface of the concrete is spalling, leaving random circular spalls of flaking concrete on the concrete surface. One out of every three driveways here in Colorado has spalling. Until now, the only solution available was tearing out and replacing the concrete.

Concrete Restoration Systems has developed several exclusive alternatives for fixing this problem that are beautiful and extremely durable. In this article, we will be looking at the benefits of Quartz Resurfacing Systems.

Quartz is the fourth hardest mineral known to man behind diamonds! This is truly the most durable system you can install over your driveway, patio, walkway or entryway.  Any concrete surface is perfect for this quartz epoxy system!

Quartz is also a beautiful material and available in over 3,200 colors to customize any project to the client’s liking. Resurfacing with Quartz avoids the hassle and mess of tear-out and replacement. It also has a better, stronger and substantially more beautiful decorative finish than plain gray concrete. We recommend Quartz Resurfacing System because they immediately increase the value of your home or business.


This article was written by Daniel L.Yalacki

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