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Creating Amazing Decorative Concrete Floors that Last


Stained basement floors are all the rage in recent years to Coloradans! For years, traditional carpeting was the typical choice for flooring in a basement. However, with the flooding and introduction of stained basement floors has really caught on with consumers due to their low maintenance and substantial appearance. Turning a typical basement floor into a conversation piece. These high-end stained floors are easily maintainable and require very little up keep as they are impervious to water or water damage. They clean up with a mop and never need replacing or steam cleaning!

Each floor has its own uniqueness, as the stain reacts differently to each concrete surface. In acid stained floors, the acid reacts directly with the available lime in the surface of the concrete and even the finishing flaws and imperfections to create a result that is extremely unique and beautiful! The acid stains are available in an array of colors to provide the perfect addition and finish to your home or business.

basementHere at Concrete Restorations, we highly recommend installing a stained basement floor for value, ease of maintenance and resale in the future. You will be surprised at how substantial these floors look and feel. Stained basement floors are all the rage these days just as granite countertops became the gold standard just a few years ago. Folks are viewing carpet as a liability when considering the purchase of a home and the maintenance involved.

There are so many finishes to consider with the recent advancements in stained basement flooring that are now available to you, the sophisticated and product conscious consumer. Check back with us from time to time as we shall discuss the various and most advanced flooring and concrete restoration systems available in the market today! In upcoming publications, we will be discussing alternative stained basement flooring systems now available in granite, marble and leather-look finishes that will really jazz thing up!

You are welcome to call us for more information or a personal consultation to discuss specifically the variety of floors and finishes available to you! We can also help you with the design and architectural finishing of your basement or man cave with our in-house architectural designer that has over thirty years of experience in this industry.

Hope this news release was helpful to you and again, please check back in with us from time to time for more home improvement ideas and solutions.


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