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Weatherproofing your Driveway to Make it Last Longer


The whole appearance of concrete can be enhanced with staining. Staining concrete adds warmth, character and a feel that can make the area come alive. Whether you have a driveway, patio, basement floor or entryway, staining is an inexpensive way to make your concrete dazzle.

The beauty of staining begins with the character and flaws of your existing concrete. When the concrete was installed, certain characteristics were also installed that make that concrete stain differently than other concrete slabs. The mottling you will get is greatly determined by these characteristics or flaws.

Even cracks can be turned from negatives to positives. Depending on the type of stain you use, say acid stain, will turn the cracks dark, sometimes even black, which makes the concrete look rustic, which is very popular in Colorado. Often when we have a cracked patio or walkway, we will run a crack chaser, which is a diamond cutting wheel on a grinder, and carve the slab up in a flagstone pattern.

Concrete Restoration is art and as such, the possibilities are endless! No two projects are the same. Each project will take you in a unique direction every time. Listening to the client to get a feel for what they like and don’t like is very important and will lead you to new inspiration and ideas.

We often just sit down and take the area in while listening to the customer talk about what they want and great, sometimes unexpected things begin to happen. The best part about what we do is finding something that is uniquely special to their project that they had never thought of and this process often brings this out. Sometimes the client knows exactly what they want, and we appreciate that too.

Consider using staining as an option for obtaining Decorative Concrete. There are plenty of types of stains out there to achieve any kind of look you can imagine. The beauty of having your staining done professionally is that you will have someone that knows what they are doing, has the proper equipment and will have knowledge of the many applications available in this industry to achieve the most awesome outcome for your project!


“Highly recommend Concrete Restoration Systems of Denver for concrete work. I could not believe the difference it made! Dan was the most persistent man I have met. He did not stop until all the old grey paint was removed. Long work days but completed in just one weekend. No more slipping when it is wet. Thank you, Dan!”
~ Steve – Aurora, Colorado


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Daniel Yalacki

Concrete Restoration

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