How to Prepare Your Driveway for the Winter

Protect your Concrete Driveway from Colorado’s Harsh Winters


Colorado is known for its unpredictable weather, but it’s guaranteed that there always will be at least a few snowstorms during the winter. When the temperatures drop, the days get shorter, and the clouds roll in, it is of the utmost importance to prepare your driveway for the changing seasons.

Malibu Pools is an industry leader in customized decorative concrete landscaping and we want your driveways and other home features to last as long as possible. There are a couple of steps you can take to help prepare your driveway for the winter.

Growth and Debris

First, it is important to remove the growth and other debris from the existing cracks in your driveway in order to prevent them from growing in size or depth. Make sure to rinse following cleanup to wash away what’s left behind.

If you don’t, snow will melt and get into the cracks and will then be held by the roots of the weeds. Then, as water freezes nightly in the cracks around the hard debris, the slabs will continue to separate, making the damage worse and worse.

A power washer, nozzle on your hose, or sturdy broom on a warm day can take care of all of this. Don’t try to use water on the day before the cold snap; otherwise, it will settle into the dirt and may expand the cracks.

Seal and Protect

Don’t you hate it when you shovel and your blade slams into a crack that stops you and sends the snow flying? We can quickly and cheaply grind the split down, preventing you from having to replace the driveway after the winter. We’ll grind it flat and then seal the crack with our special epoxy, preventing additional cracking, enabling you to make it through the winter.

If you have a blacktop, make sure to seal it every other year to protect it from cold temperatures and snowpack. A simple fix is to use a store-bought product, but it might not last. The best option is to have a professional make temporary mend to limit future damage and costs associated with replacing the driveway.

Our process allows concrete to dry in cold and moist times more quickly too. So even if it is the middle of winter, it is not too late to restore, grind down, or even replace your driveway quickly and efficiently.

Salt and Savor

It is also important to use a salt guard, driveway cleaner, and an oil and grease stain remover to further protect your driveway from damage caused by salt deposits and keep it clean through the colder months.

Minimizing Winter Cracking With Hot and Cold Weather

With winter quickly approaching, the question on many homeowners’ minds is how they can protect their property, specifically their landscape, from winter cracking due to extreme temperature changes. Having served residents in and around Denver for around 40 years now, Malibu Pools is here to help you minimize winter cracking with these tips.

First, make sure your surface is clean. That means no trash, leaves, or other debris in or around the cracks that already exist. Break out your broom and start sweeping things into bags. Use a driveway cleaning solution to remove stains and grease. If you have access to one, use a power washer to remove what you might not be able to get to yourself with just your hands.

Second, it is important to always remember to use a good sealant as the temperatures start to drop. A sealant will close small cracks, help prevent new cracks from forming, and waterproofs your entire concrete surface. It is easy to use and takes just a few minutes to apply and dry.

Lastly, consider contacting Concrete Restoration Systems to help you professionally protect your driveway from seasonal temperature changes. We are glad to help. Call us today for more information.


Don’t let the cold get the best of you! Prepare for the winter and protect your driveway today!

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