The Art of Concrete Restoration

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How Decorative Concrete Can Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Home

The Art of Concrete Restoration often begins with considering the drawbacks of the failing concrete in order to provide a renovation solution. In the pictures above, the same patio is shown before and after our services. We were challenged with a large 40′ x 40′ patio that was severely cracked because no control joints were installed.

To those that do not know what control joints are, they’re found in the cracks between slabs and are spaced about every 4 feet. They are there in the hopes that as the concrete moves with settling or expansion, any crack that should develop will occur in these control joints since they are the weakest point in the slab.

Much like folding a piece of paper in half and creating a firm crease down the middle. Then take the paper from each side of the crease and tear it in half. Usually, the paper will tear right along the crease you placed down the middle of the paper. This is the same with concrete.

In larger concrete slabs such as driveways and patios, the control joints are placed at a maximum of 10-foot spacing. This patio had no control joints whatsoever and was a maze of cracks in every direction crisscrossing and settling everywhere. For added fun, this patio was also painted yellow.

As discussed above, we look at the issues in the concrete to provide a solution. Our solution was to make the existing cracks into control joints that can continue to move in the future. These cracks are control joints the concrete has made for itself and will use in the future upon any further movement in the slab.

Here we used a 4” right angle grinder and a diamond “V” shaped crack chaser tool and carved joints into the existing cracks and then all over the slab to disguise the crack pattern. The existing cracks were filled with crack repair Epoxy to hide them. The paint on the patio was removed with a diamond cutting concrete prep machine and the patio was stained with an antiquing for a warm stone appearance. Then, we stained all of the control joints with a midnight black exterior dye and sealed the patio with a high-end Siloxane Modified Methyl Methacrylate sealer. This is now a beautiful, stunning decorative patio that costs less than tear out and replacing with plain gray concrete.

As I always say, we have never had the same two projects in over 40 years in the business. Each project has its own unique solution and appearance. As an Architect, I use my decades of experience to create a perfect solution for your concrete restoration needs.

The Art of Concrete Restoration combines superior structural intervention with creative and innovative ideas and artistry to produce not just structurally sound concrete, but beautiful functioning works of art.

I invite you to use our free consulting services to explore the unlimited and creative solutions we can offer you!


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