Why Install Your Swimming Pool In The Off Season?

  • Price! 
  • Your pool is installed and ready for use for next year! 
  • You are not competing for installation dates with other homeowners at the busiest time of year!  
  • Weather is actually more predictable in the late summer and early fall with cooler working conditions! 
  • Equipment and pool packages are generally more available in the latter year because there is significantly less demand than in the heat of the swimming season! 
  • The installing contractor is less pressed to get to the next project, which tends to lend itself to getting more attention in the off season than in the regular season! 
  • There is still plenty of swimming pool use time yet this year! 


Dear Potential Client: 

Late summer and early fall are a great times of year for having your swimming pool installed. Swimming Pool Contractors are the busiest in the spring and during the summer months. Of course, spring and summer are the swimming season. But does it make sense to try and have a pool installed when everyone else is also trying to have a pool built? Many Homeowners considering owning a pool are leaning now to a fall installation as they will probably enjoy a reduced price in the off-season.  

Then the pool is ready for use when the season begins, instead of competing with others for an installation date. Most people find that having their landscaping completed along with their pool provides for an easy transition into the swimming season the next year with far less stress and challenges found by installing the pool in the regular season.  

It’s done and ready to just enjoy! Late summer and early fall builds are much more conducive to working conditions that are cooler and less taxing on the installers. The materials and pool kits are more readily available and less demand in the fall, reducing installation times and time on waiting for parts to be available than in the busier spring and summer season. While the fall season can fill up quickly as well, getting your pool on a schedule early can really add up to all kinds of benefits including having the contractor’s unpressured attention that the spring and summer season cannot provide. Then there is the swimming season still left to enjoy. Having your pool installed in late summer or early fall still provides months of enjoyment and recreation. Let us provide resort-style living in your own backyard this fall!   


Danny Yalacki CEO/President
Malibu Pools NWA LLC
Ph: 479-365-0139 




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